Joos van Cleve (/ˈkleɪvə/; also Joos van der Beke; c. 1485 – 1540/1541) was a painter active in Antwerp around 1511 to 1540. He is known for combining traditional Netherlandish painting techniques with influences of more contemporary Renaissance painting styles.
An active member and co-deacon of the Guild of Saint Luke of Antwerp, he is known mostly for his religious works and portraits of royalty. As a skilled technician, his art shows sensitivity to color and a unique solidarity of figures. He was one of the first to introduce broad landscapes in the backgrounds of his paintings, which would become a popular technique of sixteenth century northern Renaissance paintings.
He was the father of Cornelius or Cornelis van Cleve (1520-1567) who was also a painter and is believed to have suffered from a mental illness and was therefore referred to as 'Sotte Cleef' (mad Cleef).

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